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To radically improve and provide the best business travel experience by offering the leading end-to-end business travel and expense management platform

Betravelo is a business travel platform that gives users the flexibility to book their trips wherever they like whether it is Skyscanner,, Airbnb, or Grab while giving businesses the tracking and control that they need.
Our software captures, structures, and tracks trips no matter where they are booked and provides travel management tools for both the traveler and finance and HR. Think a cross between Skyscanner, Tripit, and Concur.

A medium-sized business wastes thousands of hours each year booking, managing, and tracking business travel.

Business travel is a complex process that involves many stakeholders with conflicting interests.
Finance and HR want cost control and tracking -> time consuming, manual and tedious approval processes, manual data entry, and limited choice for travelers.
Travelers want flexibility, comfort and feel constrained by travel policies. They want to book with the consumer apps they use for their personal trips and get their loyalty points but this leads to control and tracking issues.

Betravelo gives users the complete freedom to book wherever they like within a pre-approved and data-driven trip budget that accounts for the company's travel policy while providing automated approvals, tracking, expensing and reporting for businesses.

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  • Julius Chang
    Co-Founder & CEO
    8+ years of B2B SaaS sales management and leadership experience. Ex-Microsoft, Moody's Analytics, fintech startup
  • Ming Han Cheung
    Co-Founder & CTO
    CS and EE, building products and leading projects together with NASA.
  • Axel Regnstrom
    Co-Founder & COO
    8+ years of strategic leadership and digital ventures. Ex-Bain & Company, COO @ First Circle (Fintech, Ser A), MTG Group