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Build, Nurture and Grow Tomorrow.
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We believe that by nurturing children’s artistic sensibilities, we instill in them an awareness of themselves and others, while encouraging creativity and individuality. We see the positive impact the creative arts have on children: building confidence, encouraging collaboration with the community and planting the seed for a lifelong love of the arts. Through our music and drama programs, Kindermusik and DramaLab, we encourage independence and creative expression.

Specifically playing host to families with children 0–6 years, Baumhaus addresses a big gap in the market—a space where there is well-thought of and quality facilities and services, which in turn fosters a sense of well-being and community for the families.

Baumhaus brand pillars are to build, nurture, and grow tomorrow, and this is evident in the philosophy of the centre. What sets Baumhaus apart is its commitment to quality, its creativity-focused philosophy, and its approach of involving family and community.

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