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We are a team dedicated to leaving a better world to our children and showing that a consumer products company can be the spark for significant positive change. The heart of our company is to make birth safer for mothers and newborns in the developing world and to end the cycle of poverty in low-income countries. And to do it while creating a sustainable, profitable and successful company. We are passionate about sustainable supply chains and innovative and efficient strategies to improve the way we do business and the way we help those in need.

Baby Hero is a not-so-ordinary children’s clothing brand dedicated to leaving a better world for future generations. We pay fair prices to the cotton farmer, fair wages to the garment worker and work only with organic cotton. We fund life-saving medical products for babies in need with every purchase of our delightful, super-soft clothes. In short, we are making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others. Join us!

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  • Samar
    Samar Shaheryar
    Samar Shaheryar grew up learning to switch accents, living in 6 countries and 4 continents by the age of 9 when her family settled in the Northeast... Read More
  • Alicia Wieser
    Alicia Wieser (Allie) has combined years of professional work, community service and motherhood since graduating from Princeton University with a B... Read More
  • Aquin
    Aquin Dennison
    Consultant - Communications
    Aquin Dennison oversees Marketing and Communications for Baby Hero and is responsible for social media strategy, brand development and public relat... Read More
  • Joyce
    Joyce Lau
    Creative Director
    Joyce Lau is inspired by the story of Baby Hero and excited to join the team as the Creative Director. She brings over 13 years of design experienc... Read More
  • Madhu
    Madhu Motwani
    Director - Digital & E-Commerce
    Madhu has a decade of experience in Digital and E-Commerce, most recently as the head of E-Commerce for Pedder Group. She holds an Bachelors in Bio... Read More