b2lunch, Ltd.

Stop networking. Start connecting instead. Lookup & Meet like-minded professionals/coworkers nearby for lunch or coffee.
Where we're at?

Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

Our vision is to encourage knowledge-sharing, to promote cooperation and to build inspiring relationships while contributing to the overall happiness and productivity of professionals, which we believe is closely tied with personal growth.

for real with the world's largest professional network, LinkedIn.

your network and meet everyday new business men and women.

in any city in the world and connect with local professionals.

new career interests, business opportunities and much more.

b2lunch is:

Dynamic. 24 is the number of hours you can plan your meetup before. See professionals available up to one day ahead and check even at the last minute.

Realtime. Once you got your invitation accepted or have been invited by someone, enter in a real-time chat and decide where you want to meet.

Location based. You will be able to see the closest profiles available around your office area. Remember, we are not spying and won't save or share your location history.

Secure. Your privacy is important to us; with our app your data are safe and protected. Our servers are based in the United States and follow US security requirements.

Now let's recreate that daily journey to make something exciting happen! Something great, out of your scheduled routine where you meet nobody new.

Team colleagues are great, truly but let's look around and see who else you could have known.

You may have crossed paths with people in your office building but never had the chance to talk to them? You're deeply passionate about singing, cooking, dancing? Or you just want to give a boost to your career and seek advice in your industry or another?

Well, that's possible with b2lunch. We help you create the opportunity to show how great you are to business men and women around you. There are endless possibilities but only you have the choice to make that real.

So seize your chance and create that particular moment at lunch or coffee time!

For work, for fun and much more.

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