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With avo, our mission is to create an easy and enjoyable digital insurance experience that merges seamlessly into people’s everyday lives, giving them absolute ease and security through every process of acquiring insurance - from everything to buying, managing and claiming.

avo was created as a desire to meet the needs of a growing digital generation, with a vision to allow anyone to be insured anytime, anywhere, just through a click of a button. We want to change people’s perception of insurance, that it no longer needs to be something they get a headache about, but it’s a need that will greatly enhance their quality of life.

Check out our website: www.heyavo.com

  • Stephanie Tan
    Chief of Staff
    Founder of Evercare Health / The Kinnet / Table for Two (Hong Kong).
  • Jonathan Zhang
    Chief Commercial Officer
    ex ZhongAn Online Insurance
  • Gang Jiang
    Chief Technology Officer
    Tech veteran, ex NYSE