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Cleaner, safer, more nutritious meat without raising or catching and slaughtering animals
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Protein is an essential component of our diet. For the majority of people, a large portion of protein comes from meat. Yet, using animal as the machine to turn animal feeds into meat is a highly inefficient method. Conversion efficiency is only about 10%. It means that up to 90% of natural resources is wasted in the process and do not end up in the meats people consume. Compounded with the explosion of global population, our planet can no longer cope with the increasing demand.
In addition, this method has not been challenged nor changed since the primitive era. Change is imminent and it is important for our planet’s survival and our health.

Avant Meats is the first cultivated meat company of China with headquarters in Hong Kong. Our technology enables businesses to produce meat without continuous catching or raising and killing animals. By removing the inefficient intermediary of animal as the machine for delivering animal-based proteins, not only can we significantly improve the efficiency of use of natural resources, we can also remove the undesirable and unintended elements that get into the process, such as pollutants and diseases.

We pilot with fish meat and marine proteins to address the problems of dwindling marine ecosystem, gap between demand and supply of seafood and seafood safety issues.

According to A.T. Kearney’s research, global meat market will grow to USD1.8 trillion by 2040. The market will be shared by cultivated meat (35%), plant-based meat (25%) and conventional meat (40%).

The production of cultivated meat makes use of stem cell, tissue engineering and bioreactor technologies. Technical feasibility is, therefore, certain. What we need to do to commercialise is to reduce the production cost, remove all animal components from the process and produce in a large scale.

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    Carrie Chan
    Chief Executive Officer
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    Dr Mario Chin
    Chief Scientific Officer
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    Dr David Poon
    Research Scientist
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    Michael Choi
    Research Associate
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