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Previously owning an auto body shop, we decided to go through the process of a person who is in need of repairs. We drove from shop to shop pretending to be regular customers to see and compare body shop's prices, location, quality and such. We found out there are many dishonest repair facilities out there and in many cases customers are being taken advantage of. We decided to built a true market place to help customers shop for auto body repairs. On our platform people can shop and compare body shop prices, location, rating and reviews along with many other details it takes to make an informed decision on where to have their vehicle repaired.

AutoBuddy connects drivers who are in need of auto body repairs to repair facilities. By using our platform customers save time and money and make an informed decision where to fix their vehicle. our platform creates an online presence for those repair shops who are still not capable of creating and operating their own websites. As well as we work as fraud prevention for insurance companies by having pictures of the damages prior the work arriving to the repair shop. Fraud created by repair shops has been estimated to be over $2B in Canada alone.