Aurum (Data Governance) Consultancy

Data Protection Compliance, Data Governance and Data Breach Handling
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Aurum (Data Governance) Consultancy ("ADG") is a Hong Kong based data governance advisory firm.


We offer end-to-end transformational operation-agnostic advisory services to your business, including assessment, implementation and monitoring solutions.


We provide compliance and risk management support to your business, and help your business to navigate the ever-changing technology and data protection compliance landscape.


We also supply data governance professionals with extensive compliance and data protection experience in various regional & global data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR, PDPO (HK) and BCBS-239) and industry standards (e.g. ISO 27001, ISO 38505-1&2 and PCI-DSS).


We provide your business with end-to-end operation-agnostic assessment relating to its data protection & governance controls, and help your business to identify compliance and technology risks. We also provide specific project advisory works on data protection.


We help your business to build a comprehensive data governance architecture, and assist your business in implementing data governance & privacy management programme in light of the evaluation made in the end-to-end operation-agnostic assessment.


We conduct task-based or period risk analysis to help your business to determine the vulnerabilities and potential risks of non-compliance and cyber-info security threats.

Appointment of DPO

ADG performs Data Protection Officer (DPO)'s duties. This includes liaising with external regulatory bodies, and acts as a point of contact for third party data privacy enquiry. ADG also acts as an handling agent in the event of data protection breach.

  • Arthur HY Au
    Consultant (Data Governance)
  • Ariff Radzi
    Consultant (Data Governance)
  • Heung Kit Chung
    Data Science Analyst