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Customized to every ear.
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We all hear differently. But we deserve the same rich, moving listening experience.

That's why we developed Aumeo: the patented audio-tailoring technology that customizes sound to every ear.

No two ears hear the same. But your headphones don't know that.

Aumeo bridges that gap between top-notch audio gear and the uniqueness of each consumer's hearing sensitivities. With our patented audio-tailoring solution, every consumer can enjoy sound that is perfectly personalized to their ears—hearing music in all its detail while protecting their hearing—no matter what audio gear they are using.

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  • Paul
    Paul Lee
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Paul Lee is a Silicon Valley veteran who moved back to Hong Kong with dreams of helping build up the technology entrepreneur scene in the region. ... Read More
  • Prof van hasselt meet the team
    Professor Charles Andrew van Hasselt
    Co-founder & Chief Inventor
    Professor Charles Andrew van Hasselt is the chief inventor of Aumeo. He is a world-renowned figure in Otology with a deep passion in hearing resto... Read More