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Qoti is a Quality Management Solution for manufacturing industry.

Qoti is a mobile first quality management solution for automotive components manufacturers. Using Qoti, companies can monitor their process quality and enhance compliance with IATF standards. It is easy to use, and quick to implement with offline use capabilities.
Qoti was built inside a factory, with the development team spending countless hours engaging with the users inside the shop floor, all the way up to the management. By being able to address their needs directly, Qoti is able to bring quantifiable benefits in less than three months of implementation.
With Qoti, our customer is able to pinpoint issues and assign responsibility unlike before, with real-time notifications for when the process falls out of control limits. Customer audits become a breeze, with one
click access to all past reports.

Automobiles are breaking new design and performance records everyday. There are more vehicles on the road than ever before, and the industry is burgeoning. Consumers are demanding high end features in smaller packages, and with that comes the need to ensure quality is delivered efficiently. Keeping
costs low requires constant reiteration and improvisation and pro actively fixing issues that may arise during production.
The use of technology on the shop floor has been limited to improvements to machines and tools, however, even today, a vast majority of manufacturers use pen and paper to note inspection data and store records physically. There is no surety of timely inspections, documentation of actions taken or timely retrieval and action on documents when needed.
Several reports to be presented at the time of customer audit, production & quality analysis,
management decision, MIS are produced by digitizing the data from the physical records.

QOTI SOLUTION : Software solutions enables the industry to exploit the digital data providing real time analysis, timely escalation, remote monitoring, easy interfacing and a lot more. It opens the
gate to integrate IoT sensors to interact with the software generating more data for future
Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms. The cheapest and the most viable
solution towards Industry 4.0.

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