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Asiabots was founded in 2017 and focuses on developing artificial intelligence technologies. Owning our Natural Language Processing (NLP)
and Text-to-Speech Engine (TTS), Asiabots has launched various creative products for business situations, for example, Voicebot, A.I. Ambassador and Chatbot. Aiming at visualizing artificial intelligence and applying A.I. in the business environment, Asiabots is a rapidly developing enterprise with a decent team and product.Based in Hong Kong, Asiabots is especially good at training A.I. to understand multi languages, Cantonese, English, and Mandarin, to provide spectacular and innovative customer service. With Asiabots’ enterprise-level A.I. solutions, Asiabots could provide products that help to enhance working efficiency, raising customer service quality, and reducing management costs. Asiabots’ solutions could be implemented
in various industries, including Retail, Fintech and Hospitality, and even more.

Voicebots are chatbot systems wrapped with a voice and are capable of handling voice enquiries and help to filter customers automatically. With well-designed flow, Voicebot could handle various enquiries and be applied to different business situations. A.I. solutions allow automatic service and 24 hours customer service that greatly help reducing workload and increasing productivity. In fact, every corporation should consider implementing an A.I. solution to improve the company's performance. Voicebot is capable of automating part of your service that could provide quality-sustained,
personalized customer service without human interference.

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  • Founder
    Thomas Wong
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Founder
    Chris Shum
    Business Development, Chief Financial Officer
  • Founder
    Isaac Wong
    Chief Operation Officer
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    Ryan Lam
    Chief Technology Officer