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This job has expired.

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Web Developer Freelancer Wanted


Hong Kong ,   Kowloon City, KLN


starting date : 2017-04-21

Asia Web Services Ltd. can not provide a visa.


We are from vpshosting.com.hk, whose website project is in the last stage, however some issues are still to be fixed, so we would like to hire a freelancer to help us finish the rest of our website project.

Would you mind to have a look at our beta website first as http://dev1.vpshosting.com.hk with WordPress system.

As you can see, the main functions could work online, but some small things need your help as below,
1.Blog Function
-need Blog index page to show our latest blogs posts(http://dev1.vpshosting.com.hk/blog could not work now)
-Blog post's links are different from our previous blog, which need to replace, for example our previous blog address is https://blog.vpshosting.com.hk/ , and the new site is http://dev1.vpshosting.com.hk/blog/?p=1342
-There is no style of the blog page, you may help us make some optimizations here, such we don't have Guarantee section and Our Partners section in this page at the bottom.

2.Page 404
-There is no footer here now, need to add. http://dev1.vpshosting.com.hk/404
-the search box could not work, need to fix.

3.Search Page
-Footer is missing in search page.
-No result at the search page, you could check at http://dev1.vpshosting.com.hk/?s=vpshosting

4.Section Photos Replacement (sample here https://blog.vpshosting.com.hk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Linux-vps-hosting-plans-page.png)
-Photos are not finalized, which need update and replace
such like HomePage(http://dev1.vpshosting.com.hk/): 4 slider photos at the header, 1 photo of MIGRATION section, and each page has the similar section or header page that need to replace

5. Pricing
We are using WHMCS and we have multi-currency HKD, USD, EUR. The price is fetched from WHMCS using API including all the different price for different currency, product, billing cycle, etc. However this is some problems with this.

The price for WordPress and Dedicated Servers, there is no online calculator on the website and the current price is correct.
However, VPS and Managed Cloud Server has got an online calculator and currently the top row price is wrong which needs to be fixed. The top row should show the select billing cycle price in its monthly equivalent. Eg. annual price divide by 12.

For example, the price in Managed cloud server is not right as you can see here http://dev1.vpshosting.com.hk/cloud-linux/

Because there are different cost for Plesk and cPanel control panels, hence you need to help us redesign the calculation here.

Also, if we choose monthly or  QUARTERLY, then there is no change at the top price.

6 .Flexicloud page

Flexicloud should function on dev1.asiacloudserver.com in the same way as current website's different domain http://www.asiacloudserver.com/asiacloudserver.html

If you are interest in this project, please send us your quotation, job reference & project period.


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  Negotiable

Created on: 2017/04/21

This job has expired.

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