Asia Technology Entrepreneurship Conference

The Largest University Alumni Club-Led Technology Conference ​in Asia
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The Asia Technology Entrepreneurship Conference (ATEC) is the largest university alumni club-led technology conference and startup competition in Asia. Founded by the Hong Kong and South China university and business school alumni clubs of Harvard, Columbia, MIT and Stanford, ATEC's events are designed to foster active engagement of our alumni with the broader startup ecosystem in Asia, as either founders, mentors or investors.

ATEC believes that technology and entrepreneurship are key pillars in creating long-term value, with these principles being deeply rooted in the reputations of the universities represented by our founding alumni clubs. ATEC's goal is to spur innovation across Asia by delivering events that highlight the most creative minds and promising startups, including those affiliated with our alumni club organizers, that are successfully executing on their regional and global ambitions.

ATEC is a non-profit organization and all net proceeds from the event go towards the annual prize money for the Startup Competition.