Arch Technology Hong Kong

Discover, Earn, Reward, Spend, all in one.

We are Arch Tech,
The first data to token service available at Hong Kong, exchanging receipts, surveys, feedback and more to earn token under Arch Group' Application such as Arch App and Arch Mapping. Token are spentable at our in-app Store to purchase Products, Service and more.
We are missioned to create an OMNI channel to help and create changes towards the community.

Many business do not have the correct tool and support to market their products and services, what we are trying to solves it's the communication pathway between customers and business, allowing businesses have more information on their customers, understanding what they need and want, from targeting the correct audience to wilden the market.

Arch App, vision to make change on the community and retailing.

By using our features, data will go through verifying algorithms and engineers confirmation.
we ensure all data be as accurate as possible to rewards in-app Arch token to spend.