Build your own global investment portfolio with AQUMON robo-advisor.
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Global investment should not be an exclusive club only accessible by the big guys, it should be made possible for everybody. We love bringing the art & science of global asset allocation to every new generation investor.

Everybody should be able to invest in the world they live in, through a professionally constructed global investment portfolio.

Without AI and algorithm technology, this very labor-intensive process of "global asset allocation" was previously only available to the super rich.

AQUMON is about to change this for the better, making investing in the world possible for everybody.

Our algorithm advises you exactly how much you should invest in each part of the world (to a 2dp precision), how much in equities, bonds and commodities. Our user interface saves you from doing all the back and forth with your broker or bank, and allows you to build your own highly diversified, global investment portfolio with just a few clicks.

The world is happening, and this is the New-Gen way of investing in it.

  • Aqm product
  • Kelvin Lei
    CEO / Co-Founder
    Former Vice President at Deutsche Bank FICC Institutional Client Group
  • Don Huang
    Head of Quantitative Research / Co-founder
    PhD in Mathematics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology