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AQUMON is a robo-advisory platform supported by powerful algorithm developed by the AQUMON team. We aim to help our financial institutional clients achieve optimal return in a transparent and cost efficient manner.

A holistic computing solution built for financial institutional clients so that they can build a diversified portfolio in a cost efficient manner. The solution consists of 1) Algorithm: our algorithm allows highly customizable portfolio and aims to maximize return through optimization; and 2) Technology: easy to follow investment execution procedure with automated portfolio rebalancing.

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    Kelvin Lei
    Chief Executive Officer
    9 years of experience in Sales and Trading under FICC markets, Kelvin was Vice President in Deutsche Bank and has helped various funds allocate USD... Read More
  • Summer Yan
    Business Development Manager
    Over two years front line working experience in wealth management industry, specializing in business communication and development. Degree in Marke... Read More