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Anything But Salads is a multi-award winning super foods manufacturing company in Hong Kong. We uphold ourselves to the highest standards of food quality, food safety, integrity, transparency, openness and courtesy so that our customers get what they mind, body and spirit needs and deserves. We never cut corners in anything we do. All of our foods are blessed and activated before they are packed and bagged to the customer.

Our responsibility it to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate - health, food, and beverage, social, economic and environment. We execute. And therefore, we create a better tomorrow with Mother Nature today.

Anything But Salads brings customers a selection of gourmet health foods that combines Western technology with ancient Oriental healing wisdom.

  • Calista goh   abs ceo
    Calista Goh
    With degrees in Psychology, Business and Law, formal training in pastry and a long career history as a restaurateur, paralegal, psychologist, profe... Read More
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    Noel Tuan
    Studying technopreneurship in UPenn whilst working in Princeton, breakdancing, performing and completing his computer engineering degree with the N... Read More