AntzKnow Technology Limited

The decentralised think tank that predicts the future
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Are people smarter alone or together? We bet on the latter.
Just like small ants that can build big structures, human beings are more intelligent when thinking collectively - with the help of right mechanisms and platforms. AntzKnow is such a platform that seeks to generate smarter insights about the future by structuring and aggregating individuals' brainpower. Thinking, rationality, intelligence, complex system - if any of these words strike a chord in your mind, you will find AntzKnow an extremely intriguing project to explore.

1. We provide accurate, transparent and real-time forecasts about future events;
2. We create value from wasted individual brainpower that have not been effectively recorded and used;
3. We mitigate information overload
4. We give people fun and achievement by enabling them to become forecasting experts.

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  • Tristan Liu
    CEO & Founder
    - Ranked 1st in Yunnan Gaokao (状元) - HKU BBA(IBGM), minor in Philosophy - Founder of HKU Consulting Club - Experience in large scale corporate oper... Read More
  • Austin Li
    Chief Developer
  • Meg Li
    Frontend developer
    - HKU Year 2 student in BEng(CS) and Finance
  • Sheheryar Naveed
    Backend developer
    - HKU Year 2 student in BEng(CS) - Microsoft student partner