Ant robotics

We create modular exoskeletons for physiotherapy patients and heavy duty labor
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Ant robotics symbolizes the integrity and team work of ant swarms to carry food and items to their homes. We believe that the seamless integration of robotic modules plays an important role in the functionality of a robotic system

We are driven to assist physiotherapy patients who are recovering from muscular dysfunction caused by recent stroke or cardiac arrest. During physical rehabilitation, many patients are inflicted with extreme pain and lack muscle coordination. We would like to speed up the time for physical therapy by easing mobility and movement of such patients. Several medical conditions like Parkinson's disease makes it hard for people to live normal lives, but adopting exoskeletons for home use is troublesome. We aim to obtain clinical approval and provide the solution towards clinics and official entities with professionals to aid the healing process

Construction workers and heavy labors face continuous muscle tensions and spasms during work sites while lifting slabs that lift trucks cannot access. This foreseeable use case requires additional tuning to our current design but will enable the workforce to carry their duty safely.

We build exoskeletons leg for the lower body to assist muscle rehabilitation of the leg. The exoskeleton is not tangled to wires and is operable remotely from the charging station. We equip our devices with multiple sensors to provide information towards physical therapist professionals like force distribution in each leg and the users' body tilt. With this information, therapists can track the patient improvement in real time and provide instant assistance to speed up the healing process. Our product is designed to be extendable and modifiable to fit each user based on their leg size.

We retail to physiotherapy clinics and provide a complete solution from a charging station to device maintenance. The product is equipped with hall sensor, IMU, piezoelectric force sensor, pressure sensor, flex sensor and servo motors as actuators. With feedback from the sensors and forward movement estimation, we aim to provide a seamless walking experience