Ampd Energy Limited

Ampd Energy is a battery-focused energy solutions provider for high-value, commercial & industrial customer segments.

Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition away from polluting energy systems used in commercial and industrial applications to clean, efficient & low-carbon energy sources.

A vast number of commercial and industrial customer segments–healthcare, smart-city infrastructure, construction, oil & gas–are reliant on polluting, unreliable, expensive and technologically ancient solutions to meet their energy needs. These needs, primarily fulfilled today either by lead batteries or diesel generators, centre on providing i) energy contingency for sensitive or mission systems; or ii) energy access for remote sites.

Ampd Energy makes smarter use of advanced, lithium-ion battery technology to produce a range of products that fulfil the energy needs of commercial and industrial customers. Our products not only reduce carbon footprint by 75%, but also reduce operating costs by 80% and increase energy availability by as much as 70 hours per year. Our products are already in production and used in datacentres, hospitals, oil & gas facilities and power utilities across Asia.

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    Brandon Ng
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Brandon, the CEO, holds a Master’s degree in chemical engineering from Imperial College London, where he graduated with First-Class Honours and was... Read More
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    Luca Valente
    CTO & Co-Founder
    Luca holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the Pontiff Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and an MBA from the Cheung Kong Graduate Scho... Read More