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Ambi Labs is a Hong Kong-based Internet of Things startup. Inspired by the concept of “ambient intelligence”, we develop well-designed smart home products that are so intuitive that the technology fades into the background. Our mission is to bridge the gap between outdated appliances and modern technology to make the modern home seamlessly comfortable and energy efficient.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Ambi Labs has grown from 3 founders to a diverse team of 17 members hailing from 9 countries across the globe.

Ambi Climate is the smart add-on for air conditioners that puts your comfort first. Whether it’s turning on your AC before you get home, or setting rules and timers for when you're out of the house, Ambi Climate smart-enables your AC to give you seamless control. Teach Ambi Climate how warm or cool you feel, and let our AI-driven algorithms adjust your AC for tailored comfort with energy savings. Perfect for the eco-conscious, pet owners and parents alike.

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  • Julian headshot
    Julian Lee
    Founder and CEO
    Ambi Climate was born out of Julian Lee’s struggle to keep his Hong Kong apartment comfortably climate-controlled for his pet husky. Prior to found... Read More
  • Paul headshot
    Paul Sykes
    Chief Hardware Engineer
    Paul leads the hardware and firmware development of all Ambi Labs products. Paul has designed and developed mission critical products used in both ... Read More
  • Tim headshot
    Timothy Chang
    Chief Software Architect
    Tim is responsible for building all of Ambi Labs’ backend systems, ranging from web services to the infrared protocol database. Tim is a versatile ... Read More