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Altitude Labs is a premier software development consulting firm providing data-driven technology services, UIUX and product design consulting for venture backed to Fortune 500 companies. Altitude Labs is known for its approach in agile development for scalable applications, machine learning decision making and marrying seamless user experience to business goals.

We are experienced in building results oriented software solutions for our corporate clients. Our client portfolio includes some of Asia and America's largest tech and gaming companies servicing over 100M+ users.

The team is currently led by software engineers from the US with access to advisors from leading tech companies in Silicon Valley including, Google, Facebook, Uber and Y combinator.

Portfolio Companies include:

Metisa - Predictive Marketing for Online Stores
Metisa is a predictive marketing SAAS engine that helps retailers learn from past data to create repeatable sales.

Altitude Labs, 616, Southmark Tower B, 11 Yip Hing Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

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    Jaclyn Tsui, Justin Yek, and Eugene Choi
  • We originally from San Francisco but have relocated to Hong Kong to be closer to our clients in Asia. Our advisers are from Google, Twitter, Yahoo... Read More