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ETFCOOL-Your Smart ETF Investment Buddy
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Our Mission: Make Investment smart and professional.
ETFCOOL team are committed to providing high net worth investment service to the public at low cost. Our aim to maximize investor returns by the following time tested principles supported by big data on investing. Through low-cost EFT and index funds, we invest in a wide spectrum of asset classes globally, which is not commonly available in traditional investment advisors/brokers.
We have a professional investment team and innovative technical team support and maintain our system.

ETFCOOL is developed and incubated by Alpha Bright Asset Management Ltd, which is a software-based and Robo- advisory investment platform. Our platform applies Modern Portfolio Theory to construct asset allocations that maximize return for each level of portfolio risk. It builds investment portfolios based on US-traded ETFs and Hong Kong traded ETFs with market analysis and asset allocation based on the software algorithm to help investors achieve global investment goals. is intended for different types of clients, offering the most appropriate robo investment advisory service as well as robo-asset allocation solution.
Our advantage:
Super low management fee. NO lock-up period. Global diversify investment.

  • Hugo
    Founder and CEO
    Mr. Lui is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Bright Asset Management Company Limited, an asset management advisory company licensed by the SFC in Hong ... Read More
  • Arthur Lo
    Responsible Officer
    Mr. Lo has more than 20 years of experience in investment management. He was previously Responsible Officer of Type 4 and Type 9 for Ping An Securi... Read More
  • Nelson Lei
    Assistant Vice President
    Mr. Lei has more than 5 years' experience in investing stock market in Hong Kong. Before joining ETFCOOL, he worked in the Big 4 accounting firms a... Read More
  • Peter Chang
    Technology Director
    Mr. Chang previously worked at Microsoft Global Office in Seattle Washington USA. Prior to joining ETF COOL, he worked at Square Payment in Silicon... Read More