Our deep learning technology reveals hidden dimensions of complex data in financial market and biomedical field
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ALOM Intelligence Limited (ALOM) was established in 2017 by experienced professionals from various fields including data science, biomedical science, and finance. We want to bring new ideas in an interdisciplinary approach, work together to advance the state of art in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and bring our technology and solutions to benefit the world.

Our purpose and goals are to use our scientific discovery, uncovering new knowledge and find new answer to “Advance Learning of Mankind”. Through advancing machine intelligence by applying innovative deep learning technology, we are keen to improve decision making and opens more possibilities for all.

The models developed by ALOM are adaptable to high dimensional datasets, including image recognition, voice recognition, time series, and multi-dimensional data. The approach adopted by ALOM is not bound by commercial library or toolboxes, and it is highly customizable.

Learning processes and activation landscape can be visualized as “white-box”, which will be crucial for analysing and extracting valuable features from clients’ data, thereby helping the organizations to add value on make full uses of their data in decision making process, promoting new scientific method in research, and finding the undiscovered features which could help answering their questions and fulfilling their needs.