Allergy Free Asia

Awareness . Compassion . Solution
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To improve life of allergies and food intolerance patients, restoring essential element of enjoying life ~ social equality, raise awareness and increase diagnoses.

While many Allergy associate or charity entities might focus on supporting the patients in terms of helping them to understanding and how to reliefs their symptoms. Our focus is on the other half of allergy sufferers' pain, the social aspect. Educating the public in various campaigns, to start changing the public's view on allergies all over Asia. Our goals are to help improve the 50% of their daily battles and restore enjoyment in simply living and interacting socially.

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  • Andy kun
    Andy Kun
    Founding Director
    As a co-founding director of Allergy Free Asia, Andy is determined to transform the lives of Asians with allergies and food intolerances by raising... Read More
  • Tracy Kwong
    Founding Director
    Tracy Kwong is currently the Operations Manager at a local healthcare company. Driven by her interest and passion in health and wellness, she has b... Read More