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We believe that insurance started with communities, and belongs in communities.

The majority of consumers do not want to buy insurance, but will happily accept cover as part of a community that cares about their needs, wants and passions.

The Aimviva Travel Club has been designed to test this theory with regular travelers by providing a host of benefits, tips and tactical discounts as well as designing technology that provides real non-insurance related benefits/functionality to them as travelers.

Traveling SME's lose productivity, accept risk, and fail to connect because of cost - but in reality are losing productive time at airports and whilst waiting to check in/out of the hotel, or even in transit to and from the airport.

80% of travelers don't have travel insurance, and 70% turn off their cell phones or rely on WIFI. The majority see lounge access as a luxury - even when it costs little more than a sandwich and a coffee at the airport coffee shop.

We provide all of these benefits, and more to our members. We also offer real life tips and hacks that will help to minimise the disruption caused by regular travel. Our annual price point is very competitive, whether you compare it to annual travel insurance, lounge access membership programs, or even a couple of weeks of data roaming.... all of which are included in your membership

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