Ahera Fitness

A 360° Fitness experience.

In September 2019, after months of being injured due to ultra running and many hours spent doing rehab in a sports clinics in Hong Kong, I knew it was time to add some weightlifting and core trainings into my training routine.
But at that time, I couldn’t find any products on the market able to track accurately my strength and conditioning trainings in realtime and share it with my community and personal trainer. This is how the idea was born.

I talked with both of my sisters and 2 long time friends and former colleagues about this idea I had, and they joined the journey without asking much but strongly believing in my initial idea.

Ahera Fitness was born!

Together, we have developed an entire solution combining a connected wearable named Osia to its dedicated application.
Via Ahera's application, you can set up your fitness goals, share weightlifting activities, and track your daily progression while interacting with your fitness pals.

We have worked with top class sports clinic and international athletes - some of them were supposed to compete in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - to gain valuable insights to help us to develop and create the ultimate 360° experience.

Ahera is a start up co-founded by 5 sports lovers with a cleat goal: Developing a 360° experience for fitness enthusiasts.
We have developed a sensor connected to its dedicated App a social platform in order to be used before, during and after each sessions.
Our flagship product Osia by Ahera will allow you to tailor strength and conditioning trainings, track them in real time then share and analyse them without any restriction. We will launch Osia by Ahera later this Fall.

Prior to this launch, we have developed a range of high end products related to strength and conditioning. Ahera Fitness' products will always be in your gym bags helping you during your fitness journey.

Be ready for a true 360° fitness experience!

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    Rudy Bottin
  • Kevin
    Kevin Fleer
    Program Manager
  • Amelie
    Amélie Bottin
    Marketing Director
  • Heloise
    Héloïse Bottin
    Brand Manager
  • Manu
    Emmanuel Delater
    Creative Director