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Ahera is a start up co-founded by 5 sports lovers. We have developed IoT wearables and a social platform in order to improve the experience of people practicing fitness and especially weightlifting. Our consumer target will go from the beginners to the pro athletes.

Our IoT wearables will be using multi-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes in order to track repetitions and movements. These data will be sent to the Ahera application so the user will be able to visualize his/her trainings in real time.Plus, we have designed our mobile application in order to be very social so friends can like and/or comments your activity, send you training challenges, find libraries of trainings, and set weekly goals so your motivation will remain high over the weeks.

We believe our product could become a great fitness friend for all of your members and it will help them to stay motivated to work out in order to reach their craziest fitness goals.

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    Rudy Bottin
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    Kevin Fleer
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