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This job has expired.

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Proactive Multitasker: Project Manager / Marketing Apac Wanted


Hong Kong ,   Central & Western, HK


starting date : 2017-07-03

AGORIZE Asia might be able to provide a visa.


Open-Innovation Startup #1 in Europe - Agorize is the leading platform for online innovation challenges:

For 6 years, we have been helping 180+ companies such as Uber, Google, Microsoft, Paypal, Valeo, Bank of America accelerate their innovation process and collaborate with our network of 5M+ innovators. (students, developers, startups and employees)

 After helping thousands of talent from over 145 countries, our ambition is to bring our vision to Asia. And it works!

After only 6 months of activities in Hong Kong, 5 leading companies (BNP Paribas Cardif, HK Science Park, Société Générale, OnePlus, The HK Jockey Club) have put their trust in us to organize their first innovation challenge. 

Given that context, we are now building up our Hong-Kong team of talented, young & hungry individuals to become a key player in Asia!

Your missions:

We are looking for a skilled project manager to accompany our clients, but also help our business grow through launching impactful marketing initiatives:

  • 50% Project Management: from managing the relationship with the client, guiding them through all different stages, training them on how to use the tools and making sure their challenges are a total success.
  • 25% Sales Support: Development of new sales support materials, finding new market opportunities, working on lead generation. You will be helping our sales team to develop our activities in Asia.
  • 25% Marketing: Be creative, organize conferences and workshops, create online and offline marketing support to enhance our brand awareness in Asia

Last but not least, you will be part of a team which is launching a business from scratch in Asia, there will be a lot of unscheduled stuff to do! Expect a very hands-on job!

The ideal candidate:

You are bilingual in English. To speak Cantonese or Mandarin will be a plus!

You are a curious “out of the box” thinker with outstanding digital/communication skills. You are a proactive multitasker and willing to help us grow and nurture our clients:

  • Basic IT skills - you don't need to code, but it will save us both a lot of time if you already know how to do basic programming in HTML (If by any chance you actually do know how to code, perfect!)
  • Design skills - we do have a few designers, but sometimes it'll just be easier to crop logos by yourself.
  • Nerves of steel - Not only will you have to help with the logistics of our clients projects' and in hot phases juggle a long ToDo-list, you will also have to hold their hands as they will probably be twice as nervous as you to create a great challenge.
  • Great commercial skills: you will be dealing with our clients, mostly VP and C-Levels, we want them to have the best experience

You are enthusiastic, passionate and eager to learn and you are not afraid to run the extra mile! The job is perfect for people who love to put on many hats and fear a position in which they'll have to come to the office to do the exactly same thing each and every day.

 You have a deep passion for innovation, and you would like to be part of our project to become THE go-between in Asia. You love difficult challenges and you are ready to take on this ONE!


Contract: Final-Year Internship (so that you could get hired at the end of your internship in Hong Kong)

Compensation: According to your profile

Location: WeWork WanChai!


Salary range / month :  < HK$ 20k

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Created on: 2017/05/16

This job has expired.

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