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Over 90% of people who share their Afirmio profile with companies that are hiring get second or third interviews.

Afirmio is an online platform that takes away hiring doubt early in the recruitment process and allows companies to conduct due diligence on candidates in a fast, confidential, convenient, and thorough manner.

Companies can quickly reach out to referees with online assessment surveys to evaluate both soft and hard skills, whilst checking
1) employment history
2) academic & professional qualifications
3) professional achievements

Afirmio gives candidates a platform to efficiently manage, collate, and request references from past employers. Confirm academic, and professional achievements, as well as give potential employers a fast means of verifying their suitability for a position. They can then share this information by providing a hiring manager with a 12 digit code that is valid for up to 72 hours.

ALSO Afirmio lets potential employees reach out to individuals within the hiring company to conduct THEIR due diligence on the organization - ensuring a good fit on both sides

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