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To provide unparalleled sports and education services to our clients where students and athletes pursue overseas sports and education opportunities and thrive in their career as professionals, coaches actively participate in the selection process of our athletes and parents are assured of their children’s success. Our students and athletes develop multi­-faceted skills, including high adaptability, problem solving skills, independence, language and communication skills in order to become leaders of tomorrow.

Affinity Sports & Education provides worldwide access to reputable sports and education at the highest level. We aim to drive a new era of equipping students and athletes to become world changing leaders.

  • Magnus  founder
    Magnus Leung
    Founder & Managing Director
    Magnus was born and raised in Canada. He represented U17 Canada's National Team from 2004-­2006. He was scouted and moved to the U.K. with Wrexham ... Read More
  • Michael luk  founder
    Michael Luk
    Michael was born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada. He currently represents the Hong Kong Men's National Team and have also played for the U17 Cana... Read More