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Advent TeleMediCare Ltd. (ATMC), a wholly subsidiary of Advent-AWI Corp. (TSXV: AWI) is a telemedicine service provider based in Hong Kong. We aim to provide end-to-end telemedicine solutions to patients and healthcare providers in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

We transform telemedicine by breaking it down to two core components - Remote Patient Monitoring and Remote Consultation. Remote Patient Monitoring allows patients and doctors to measure and track patients' vital signs regularly, allowing the earliest intervention of diseases and illnesses. Assisted by AI technology, the patients' data provide doctor in-depth insight when it's time for consultation.

Our second prong, Remote Consultation, transforms the limited telemedicine practice today to a consultation experience as close to a physical clinical experience as possible.

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  • Francis Mak
    Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer
  • Howard Chow
    Project Manager & Design Engineer