Adintime is a market place for print advertising
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In my previous job i have been buying print advertising in more than 20 countries, from New York to Hong Kong passing by Calcutta, Dubai or Paris. Whereas you can easily buy ads on digital from everywhere everywhere, in print its much less easy.
At the time where media buying methods are changing on every media, it's time for print advertising to adapt too.
We are creating the one stop global market place for print advertising.
We help advertisers to choose, buy and follow their print campaigns within a few cliks all over the world.

For the last 15 years, print advertising market has been declining. Though this is still a big market and will exist again for long time. Last year, on the top 10 markets, more than 50 Billions US Dollars have been spent in print advertising.
That being said, the way ads are bought and sold on print did not change for decades.
We are creating a one stop marketplace for any type of print advertising in the world.
We help publishers (magazines, newspapers) to adopt digital as an additional channel, helping them to reach new customers and learning them how to use data in order to improve sales in quality and quantity with our technology.
On the other hand, we offer advertiser a new way, fast and easy to communicate in print titles.

  • Adintime
  • Erick Gommeaux
    29 yo, 8 years experience in media and advertising industry. Founder of media agency Offices in Paris and Hong Kong.