Addoilmusic Ltd.

Everybody can play music. Music connects everyone.
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Addoilmusic is the first Social Enterprise in Hong Kong to promote playing and making music together.

Through providing innovative and professional music services to Corporate, NGOs, Schools and the public, we can support underprivileged children to learn music, and young musicians to create and produce musical works with high quality.

We believe "Everybody can play music. Music connects everyone."

We aim to bring together talents and resources from various industries, synergizing the power of enterprises and society to cultivate a new generation of creative music talents and inject a new source of positivity to the Hong Kong and global community.

Our music services:

1. Speed Jam- Innovative music workshop
Suitable for team-building, creative learning and CSR program. People without any musical background can learn and taste the fun of music jamming within 3 hours.

2. Professional Music Production
Suitable for individual, Corporates, Media, Brand-building. People can produce their music works with professional quality using our facilities and support.

3. Live Show
Suitable for Shopping Malls, Corporates and Schools for PR events. People will be attracted to the venues by different genres of music performance of our young talented musicians.

4. Music Classes for Deprived Children
Suitable for Corporates CSR to show their care and support to the underprivileged. We will link up NGOs and provide music classes for the deprived children.

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  • Bryan Yeung
    Founder, Composer and Producer
    Mr. Bryan Yeung is an award-winning music composer, arranger and producer in Hong Kong. He has published a lot of pop songs including hit songs for... Read More
  • Kitty Yip
    Co-founder and Social Worker
    Ms. Kitty Yip is a registered social worker, with over 10 years of experience in social services for children and youth development, innovative ser... Read More