real time twitter automation platform, saas service
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Provide social media managers and agencies with an ultimate tool to manage automated twitter accounts at scale.

Social management at scale

addabot is a cloud service that can perform several actions to interact with existing and new followers.

Example: addabot is able to listen for tweets based on a criteria, this criteria can be: keywords, language and/or geo location. Once the tweet is detected, one or several events can be fired: follow, unfollow, like, retweet, reply, add to list, call external service, etc


addabot works in the cloud, meaning that you do not have to install any software in your computer or device. Access to addabot configuration using any computer tablet or phone. Create as many Automation Units as you like and connect them to the twitter stream subscription you purchased.


Improve community manager strategies by setting up automated twitter accounts and addressing interaction criteria for such market. Improve engagement interacting with your users in real time. Find new customers based on what they tweet, and get to engage each other with your brand and business.

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