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OneOneDay envisions a world where advertising becomes a source of empowerment, reward, and positive change.

Through both innovative technology and a new advertising model, we want to show how ads can help create a better world.

In our vision, brands use advertising to sponsor individuals, helping them to lead happier, healthier, and more socially conscious lives.

OneOneDay wants to show that ads can do more than sell. They could give.

More than 600 million devices are now hooked up to an adblocker. That means the traditional advertising model has to change.

And we think we have the answer: make ads something that people want to see.

We like to think of OneOneDay as an ad personalisation platform. Not only do we block the ads you don't want to see across mobile, the web, and your Smart TV, but we replace them with ones you do (you can thank our clever AI for that).

  • Rick Tsing
    Founder, CEO & Chief Dreamer
    Rick, a serial socialpreneur, is a passionate advocate for technologies and businesses as a force for good. Rick has founded a number of innovative... Read More
  • Keith Hung
    CTO - Chief Rocket Scientist