Acoustic Metamaterials Group Ltd.

The world's most advance sound absorbing technology for industrial usecase.

Acoustic Metamaterials Group (AMG) is a smart materials and acoustics company that is changing the way we interact with sound. Coupling applied physics with intelligent design and manufacturing, we are pioneering a new class of multifunctional materials - called metamaterials.

We are the pioneers in the development of metamaterials noise control technology. Our company enables conventional materials to have engineered acoustic properties that go beyond what is found in nature. We have developed the most efficient soundproofing solutions and products in the world, focusing on sectors such as HVAC, Power & Energy, Transport and Consumer Electronics.

Our team consists of multi-disciplinary engineers, manufacturing experts and experienced project and business operations leaders. Together we work with the world’s leading companies to develop cutting-edge products, pushing the boundary of possibility and transforming the landscape of metamaterial technology.

The sound absorbing materials we are using today is what we have been using the last 50 years (rockwool, fiberglass and foam) with no technological breakthrough.

Our breakthrough in physics enables us to design specific structure for specific frequencies - meaning our structure outperforms any other material in nature. This structure can then be integrated into any shape, materials - enabling possibilities that were previously not possible.

Our solution can be integrated into wide variety of industries from consumer electronics, HVAC, Power & Gas towards aviation. We are currently working with multiple Fortune 500 size clients to co-develop products integrated with AMG's acoustic metamaterials technology.

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