abc Fintech Recruiters Limited

abc Fintech Recruiters Limited has developed as a leading developer of e-finance, CRM and e-business software solutions.

abc Fintech Recruiters Ltd. is a subsidiary of abc Multiactive Ltd., a leading developer of Fintech field that listed on the GEM board of Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

We are professional recruiters for Fintech industry. We strongly understand our client needs base on our 30+ year experience in Fintech development. Currently we are cooperating with some Bankers and Brokers, most of them are well-known institutions. We can provide all rage of recruitment service for our client.

We also provide opportunity of working in well-known Bankers or Brokers to our candidates. If you want to enter Fintech field, we are one of the best starting point for you.

THE AWARD WINNING SOLUTIONS, our product, are supported by our team of veteran software designers. With many different add-on modules, it enable banks and securities firms to meet the changing needs of investors, in the other wards, it can reduce the time, risk and cost associated with investment transactions.

OUR OCTO E-FINANCE SOLUTION, provides straight through processing of securities and exchange-traded instruments for banks and brokerages. For over 30 years, the company has provided these solutions to local and international institutions in Hong Kong. These software manage all important facets of transaction processing, including order routing, execution and clearance, real time position keeping and tracking, regulatory compliance and reporting, and investment accounting and record keeping. Our Product has won a series of awards including the HKCS IT Excellence 2000 – Product Silver Award, HKTDC Hong Kong Awards for industry Certificate of Merit in Exporting Marketing 1995. HKCSI Innovative Service Award 1998.