Zegal SME Academy #1: Improving Your Cashflow
19 Jun 2018 09:00am - 10:30am
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Zegal SME Academy #1: Improving Your Cashflow

19 Jun 2018 09:00am - 10:30am

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Garage Academy is pleased to host the inaugural SME Academy series from Zegal

Zegal SME Academy #1 - Improving Your Cashflow
This workshop will cover:
Cash Squeeze – The challenges and causes from lack of cash in SMEs
Cash Flow Management – Theory of the free cash flow and key component
SME Credit Difficulties – Comparison between SMEs, Large Corporates and Multinational Corporations access to credit
Available options
Non-financial Services solutions
Financial Services solutions


About the Speakers
Vittorio Angelis, Executive Chairman at Velotrade
Worked at JP Morgan and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in London as an Equity Derivatives trader. He then joined Bank of America London as a Managing Director and co-head of the Equity Derivatives Trading team. In 2008 Vittorio moved to Hong Kong where he has been the Head of Equity Derivatives Brokerage at Louis Capital
Markets. Vittorio is the Executive Chairman of Velotrade since January 2017.

About Velotrade
Velotrade is an online marketplace where SMEs get funding by selling their invoices to investors who earn above market returns with attractive risk/return profiles. SMEs are having constrained access to traditional financing: increased regulation and greater capital requirements are compounding the problem. Investors are craving yield and have a lot of available liquidity. By creating a new asset class and allowing investors to purchase invoices we solve the SMEs funding problems while offering attractive and safe returns. All invoices are insured by a leading international insurance company and with the help of a number of partners we offer bank-grade security throughout the KYC and validation procedures.

The platform is fully digital: we are able to fulfil a traditional financing function in a far more efficient and streamlined manner without any compromises. Technology allows us to scale our operation while offering a lot of flexibility to sellers and investors. Sellers are given access to new and diversified sources of funding and are able to discount single invoices when they have financing requirements. The process is fast and the seller has full control of every step of the process.

Andrew Barclay, CFO at Zegal
Andrew's focus is on helping new businesses get-up & running and started in the right direction to prepare for funding. Andrew provides businesses in the growth stage with strategic financial and operational capabilities, enabling entrepreneurs to remain focused on, and be positioned to support growth. This includes helping the right small businesses on their path to going global.


About Zegal
Zegal’s vision is a world where the business of law works for everyone. Companies that are connected to knowledge, their advisors, and use workflows to run their organisation are smarter and more profitable. Our mission is to make this the new normal for millions of businesses across the globe.

Founded in 2013, Zegal is the fastest growing Legal Tech company operating across the Asia Pacific and Europe. Today, more than 20,000 business users and lawyers across the globe trust Zegal’s software to solve legal problems in an affordable and efficient way.

Zegal is led by a talented team of 60 employees and has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Zegal (formerly Dragon Law) has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and VentureBeat, and was recently recognised in the South China Morning Post as an emerging Legal Tech company in the artificial intelligence space.

zegal.com is free to any private practise law firms or sole practitioners on an unlimited basis.

To learn more about Zegal’s software, visit zegal.com and to join our team visit: zegal.com/about-us

Start a free trial to experience the benefits of managing law online: http://bit.ly/get_zegal



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Registration to be opened soon. Email hk.academy@thegaragesociety.com for advance registration

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