[Webinar] Investing in FinTech: Practical Tips and Guideline
08 May 2020 04:30pm - 05:15pm
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[Webinar] Investing in FinTech: Practical Tips and Guideline

08 May 2020 04:30pm - 05:15pm

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Investing in startups is becoming more popular as an alternative investment for both corporations and individuals. What are the specific advantages of investing in early-stage startups? What are the pitfalls to avoid? How can you minimize risks in the investment?

This webinar focuses on one of the booming industries in Hong Kong - FinTech, which has maintained a strong growth momentum in Asia. In Hong Kong, the ecosystem has given birth to 4 FinTech unicorns with a combined valuation of US$8.5 billion, in key areas such as Digital Lending, Blockchain, and Digital Payments. It is critical for investors to keep up with the rapidly evolving FinTech landscape and learn how to invest in it.

This webinar will cover:
 Where to source potential startup deals to invest?
 What factors to consider when investing in early-stage and later-stage startup investment?
 Vehicles and legal-related matters.
 Case study - FinTech unicorn startup.

Language: Cantonese


Jo Chan, Investor Relations Director, AngelHub
Jo is a professional investor relations practitioner with diverse financial experiences in Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed company and international fintech group. She also acts as a frequent speaker at international startup conferences on the topic of startup investment in Asia and equity crowdfunding scene (Teachsauce in Bangkok; Ignite in Manila; GBA Sharing Forum in Shenzhen; ReShape Conference 2019 in Seoul).She is particularly passionate about sustainable investment: Fintech solution, agriculture and coffee infrastructure improvement.

Daisy Wan, Business Development Director, AngelHub
Ms. Daisy Wan obtained BBA in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and subsequently
joined Hang Seng Bank as a Management Trainee. In 2013, she joined Bank of China International as a private banker to explore the market of high net worth individuals in Greater China. She has delivered more than 70 presentations on wealth management and investment in 26 cities in Greater China area. In 2019 she joined AngelHub as Business Development Director.


AngelHub (angelhub.io) is the first SFC regulated equity crowdfunding platform for investors. It connects worldwide ventures scaling in Asia to investors, across a wide range of sectors and technologies.


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