UXD Meetup
08 Aug 2019 07:00pm - 09:00pm
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UXD Meetup

08 Aug 2019 07:00pm - 09:00pm

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Why is it so hard to build a culture able to consistently deliver good design and the right product?

The summer break was refreshing, and it is time to tackle the hard questions with the community again. I am excited to see all of you and our panel:

- Hamid Berkrdi, a multi-disciplinary Product Designer, turned Design Strategy leader. 

- Karlijn Deforche, a Manager with a fantastic experience of large scale transformations.

- Karen Lin, a former digital agency consultant, now head of product & UX at BloomMe.

We are going to talk about the outcomes, the big ideas behind buzzwords and the creative culture. 


I will see you at 19:00, 8/8/2019 (A lucky date).


Curious to learn more about the speakers?




Hamid Bekradi, Design Strategist & Multi-disciplinary Product Designer. Practicing design for over fifteen years across various fields such as Transportation & Mobility design, Consumer Electronics & lifestyle products. In the past, he has collaborated with companies such as Samsung Electronics, Mahindra Automotive Group & FIAT Automobiles together with some of Europe's most acclaimed design consultancies such as Chris Bangle Associates, former design director of BMW. In the past five years, he has focused mainly on providing Design Strategy consultations & the implementation of innovative design functions for companies & startups in various industries.




Karlijn Deforche has over 15 years of experience managing large scale transformations mainly in the financial services industry. She has designed regional target operating models, reviewed client servicing processes, and delivered IT projects.

New-ish to Hong Kong, she was surprised to see organization struggle with their agile adoption, and how agile product development focus gets lost along the way.

She considers herself a problem solver at heart and is passionate about tech-driven innovation.


Originally from Boston, Karen Lin is a UX & consumer behavior consultant who invests in startup teams that are seeking user-validated insights. Now based in Taipei & Hong Kong, Karen has also mentored for ALPHA Camp, Lean Startup Machine, and Foxconn's H.Spectrum startup teams. Karen's background in Human Factors & Ergonomics (HFE) coupled with over 11 years in User Experience (UX) on e-commerce & app projects for Fortune 500 clients puts her in a unique position to take on the design challenges of a multi-channel, multi-platform world. Part consultant and part coach, Karen is also dedicated to empowering founders to become more skillful at validating ideas with real users and cultivating an intuition for identifying unmet consumer needs.


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