Turn Your Knowledge & Skills Into (Digital) Products
14 - 15 Feb 2019 07:31am - 07:31am
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Turn your knolwedge   skills into digital products

Turn Your Knowledge & Skills Into (Digital) Products

14 - 15 Feb 2019 07:31am - 07:31am

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Do you want to share your expertise through coaching, training or professional services for a living but don’t know how?

Join this workshop led by Andreas Ott, Marketing and Sales Coach & Trainer from Expert Results, and learn how to productise your expertise and sell it effectively so you can share your wisdom while making a living.

✓ Create multiple products from your existing personal knowledge and skills

✓ Offer these products to your prospects in a highly effective and proven approach

✓ Walk out with your own drafts of multiple products

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for you if you are a self-employed professional, an expert in your field or a corporate leader and you want help to build or grow your own service/coaching business without investing in large marketing agencies.

Why Should You Attend?

The goal of this workshop is to bring your knowledge to paper and to align the experience you can share and get paid for with the so-called "buyer's journey" and "value ladder".

You will create your own drafts of free and paid service products on the spot with us. We believe the best way to learn is by doing it yourself, discuss challenges in a group and improve step by step.


1) Is this workshop for me?

Yes, if your company offers services to your customers, meaning you don't ship anything to your customers via post.

2) I am a coach. Does this workshop cover topics for me too?

Yes, we work with coaches and you can certainly learn very specific, relevant and helpful tips.

3) I need to leave before the end of the workshop. Is that ok?

Towards the end of this workshop we discuss how you can take your new learnings to your next level. If you are ok to miss that you are free to leave anytime during the workshop.

About the Speaker

Andreas Ott is an expert trainer and coach for Marketing and Sales in Hong Kong. He combines business growth with mindset growth as he believes it takes extraordinary motivation and mindset to exceed targets.

Starting five years ago selling sports equipment in retail shops he transitioned into selling luxury destination services. As a strong believer in continuous improvement, Andreas invested in a high-ticket marketing and sales trainer to learn top-level strategies because he is never satisfied with status quo.

Today he works with medium-size service companies, coaches and SaaS providers in the fields of financial services, health care, professional services, personal development and tourism. He helps motivated individuals implement highly converting marketing and sales funnels in the US, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia.

Learn more about Andreas and his services at www.expertresults.co

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