Startup Mentoring Intensives: Customer Discovery
29 Nov 2018 03:00pm - 05:00pm
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Startup Mentoring Intensives: Customer Discovery

29 Nov 2018 03:00pm - 05:00pm

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Don't know how to launch an idea? Confused by inconsistent advice? Frustrated by lack of progress? Competition eating into your business? Are you on the right track? Is your idea of fundable? How do I present to an investor? All Entrepreneurs face the same questions time and time again. Their goals are the same –to test and launch an idea, and build a successful business!

It doesn’t matter what kind of entrepreneur you are, a Startup, Freelancer, SME, consultant or working in Corporate Innovation, you must understand that Businesses building or commercializing innovation, isn't new! It is a skill. It can be learned, sharpened and improved, like getting fit or training for a marathon, if you follow a plan, train regularly and monitor your progress, you will get results. Just as gyms use trainers, we use mentors!

Startup Mentoring Intensives (SMI) are designed to help you succeed with structured mentoring by experienced, vetted mentors. It uses the Lean Startup process by focusing on topics like Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Design, Investor Readiness, etc. SMIs are short and active, and are to be attended regularly. You will get clarity on where you are and where you need to get to, while addressing your current challenges and the ones you don't know about yet. The programs were created by Deepak Madnani, founder of Paperclip Startup Campus and tested with over 1,500 founders who he's worked with!

We announced the launch of the SMIs here and the Intro session to the SMI was here.
Topic: Customer Discovery Workshop

The Value Proposition Design canvas helps to address one of the most common reasons that startups are failing, which is solving a problem that customers don't care about. The Value Proposition Canvas helps to solve this challenge. Whether your value proposition is a technological invention, a functional improvement or a new kind of service, the canvas will help you make it innovative and compelling for your customers.

In this intensive 2 hour 'organised mentoring' session, you will learn how to build products and services that customers want. We will explain how you can map and understand your customer segments through the customer profile. We will provide insightful examples of customer profiles and value propositions that will show you what great products and services are made of. You will learn how to design and test value propositions until they fit your customers and are embedded in business models that work. You will become familiar with the rules, common mistakes and best practices before designing, and prototype your own value proposition.

About the mentors:
Deepak Madnani, Founder and CEO at Paperclip Startup Campus

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