Solve your problem! AMA | Hack.Asia - Hackathon
11 Jun 2020 06:00pm - 08:30pm
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Solve your problem! AMA | Hack.Asia - Hackathon

11 Jun 2020 06:00pm - 08:30pm

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Ask us anything (related to the hackathon)! We're happy to help answer your questions from in order to get you ready for Hack.Asia!

About this Event

Hi everyone,

🙌 Welcome to the first of three Hack.Asia pre-events!

This pre-event will:

  • Give you an overall presentation of Hack.Asia and Startup Impact Summit
  • Provide you with a deeper understanding of the problem statements by the Business Units (Take a look at the 10 challenges on Hack.Asia)
  • Help you connect with other potential attendees and find teammates to hack one of these challenges :)
  • Give you an opportunity to start asking questions and getting ready to win (🏆 HKD50,000 cash prize, internship opportunities or Proof of Concept)
  • 🎟️ Get you a free ticket to the largest online tech conference in Asia with more than 20 000 attendees, 200 speakers, 14 tracks ...! (SIS)

This event is free and open to everyone.

🕕 Agenda - online event

  • 5:45 Be on time - Main Room
  • 6:00 Introduction to Hack.Asia and Startup Impact Summit (30min) - Main Room
  • 6:45 Q&A (30min) - Main Room
  • 7:15 Breakdown of the Challenges (30 min) - Breakout room
  • 7:45 Q&A - Breakout room
  • 8:00 Networking (30 min) - Main Room

Save the date: Hack.Asia will be held during the 6-8 July and will be fully online!

Come and join this first pre-event to know more about the prizes, the challenges and perhaps meet your future colleagues :)

Make sure to join as well our next pre-event: Microsoft Azure! 🚀

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