Secrets to successful Tech Interviews
16 Jul 2019 07:30pm - 10:30pm
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Secrets to successful Tech Interviews

16 Jul 2019 07:30pm - 10:30pm

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Succeeding in tech interviews can be a daunting task in today's job market.


These days, technology is everywhere & great tech can make the world a better place.

Yet, we strongly believe that businesses are about people. Things we say and how we say them do not only matter, it has the power to make the difference between a deal and a no deal scenario, or between a winning good product and a winning super product.


Technical interviews are unlike any other job interview: it’s a specialized process that takes into account one’s tech skills, problem-solving abilities, and personality. But even though interviewing for a tech job is intimidating with its unique nature, it is further a lot easier when you know what to expect and are well-prepared.


In this session, we are going to explore together the alchemy of interviews

and how to succeed so that the person speaks as loud as the technology behind.


Why you should attend:

Understand what employers are really looking for
Understand the problem-solving abilities required
What to do during the onsite technical interview
The takeaway for all your next interviews

Who should attend:

          how to handle the technical phone interview

          how to stand out in a remote coding challenge

         meaningful questions to ask

         how to prepare your interview

technical interview tip
the whiteboard interview



Bio of the Speaker:


With further studies in International Trade and Linguistics, Christian spent most of his professional life in Asia, studying Chinese in Taiwan, and working in Hong Kong. He left a career in marketing with multinational companies in logistics to create his own path based on education.

His program of communication skills, Peak Communication, founded in 2011, includes public speaking, presentation skills, interview skills, and cross-culture training. They are specifically designed to support all age groups: business people, young adults, and teenagers.

His corporate clients are mostly in Hong Kong as well as in Western and Eastern Europe.


Today, Peak Communication is serving the corporate world, in training engineers, executives, as well as founders of SME's and Startups to use public speaking, as the most cost-effective communication and marketing tool.

The range of industries covers banking, finance, manufacturing, health, retail and green technologies. Christian's coaching sessions are always closely adapted to his clients' needs.

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