Savour South Africa - July Wine Tasting Open Night
28 Jun 2019 07:00pm - 09:00pm
Event ended
Savour south africa  wine tasting 26th july

Savour South Africa - July Wine Tasting Open Night

28 Jun 2019 07:00pm - 09:00pm

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Unwind with us on a #FunFriday night of appreciating a series of hidden and unexpected South African wines with a selection of sparkling, whites, reds and fortified wines. Guided by one of our Members Soloman, also your chief tasting officer, will take you on a journey showcasing the elegance, fineness and complexity of South African wine!

或許南非葡萄酒對你來說,既陌生又神秘,我們更熟悉的反而是它那裡美麗的鑽石。事實上,南非目前是世界上6 大有名的葡萄產區之一,酒產量佔世界總產量的 3%。這次又幸誠邀Kafnu成員Soloman為我們帶來一系列獨特又多樣化的南非葡萄酒去品嚐一翻,當中包括氣泡酒、白酒、紅酒和加烈酒等。喜歡品酒的你絕不能錯過Value Vigilantes特別舉辦的南非品酒聚會,一同探索南非佳釀,享受南非的熱情!

| About Value Vigilantes |

Tired of the same old supermarket fare of boring, inferior and overpriced plonk? Unsure of what the bottle shop is offering? Fear no more! We have all suffered in silence for longer than we should and it is time that we set the record straight and reap the benefits of one of the few smart Government policies for as far as anyone can remember! This is why we have set up this venture to persuade like minded people like yourselves that we should be enjoying good value wines, rather than continue to suffer at the hands of high street duopolies and paying over the odds for landlord margins!

We are intrepid investigators who venture the world's vineyards in search of great value wines for your enjoyment. All items we sell are carefully selected to ensure it over delivers on value at every price point.

In addition to our unreserved commitment to Value, we will share what we have learnt from our journeys and experiences so that you too may get a feel for the wine world out there, and perhaps one day become a vigilante yourself! We are vigilant for value. We invite you to be one of us.

| Date & Time 日期時間 |

Date: 26th July, 2019 (Friday)
Time: 7pm - 9pm

日期: 2019年7月26日 (星期五)
時間: 下午7時至9時

| Ticket Fee 費用 |

Free of Charge 免費
Cap: 100 pax

| Venue 地點 |

The event will be inside Kafnu. Kafnu is located on the 2nd floor inside Kerry Hotel. The closest MTR is Whampoa MTR exit C2. You can also conveniently access the venue from Hong Kong Island via the North Point <--> Hung Hom Ferry which takes only 7 minutes. Schedule here:

活動將會於 Kafnu 場內進行,位於嘉里酒店2樓。最近的地鐵站為黃埔站C2出口,或乘搭北角至紅磡的渡海小輪亦只需7分鐘。

2/F, Kerry Hotel, 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom

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