Practical Fundraising Strategies for Asian Start-ups
01 Nov 2017 06:30pm - 08:30pm
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Practical Fundraising Strategies for Asian Start-ups

01 Nov 2017 06:30pm - 08:30pm

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For most young companies, raising funds represents the first and most daunting hurdle. From securing a large customer pool, to cementing those important investors, this relaxed evening discussion will cover key strategies that can be implemented quickly and effectively. Applicable to multiple stages of start-up growth, our diverse panel includes IMIT Advisory's Bryan Vaz and Nickey Khemchandani of BSD Academy. Alongside others, these established and establishing start-up founders will be on hand to offer advice on pivotal topics such as valuation, fundraising advocates, funds vs private offices, pitch decks, accelerator and incubator programmes, and making the most of the start-up community. Set in a casual, supportive environment, this evening is sure to be an excellent opportunity to reassess and improve your current business models.

Nickey Khemchandani (BSD Academy): Nickey’s work experience spans development, publishing and digital marketing with experience in agencies, corporate, and hospitality markets. Taking these fundamental technical skills coupled with his personal passions and drive to share his knowledge, Nickey launched BSD to provide easily accessible, affordable and practical courses for personal consumers and professionals.

Bryan Vaz (IMIT Advisory): A former management consultant, Bryan founded IMIT as a platform for growth-oriented organizations to accelerate their strategic projects using templates and detailed project methodologies. Bryan’s experience spans the entire spectrum of industries, from establishing Scotiabank’s first energy derivatives desk, transforming several US Health and Human Services departments to expanding affordable care to its citizens, to developing a global consolidation plan for Magna, the world’s auto-parts manufacturer.

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