Opportunities & Implications: Open API Framework for Hong Kong's Banking Sector
01 Aug 2018 03:00pm - 06:30pm
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Opportunities & Implications: Open API Framework for Hong Kong's Banking Sector

01 Aug 2018 03:00pm - 06:30pm

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Opportunities & Implications: Open API Framework for Hong Kong's Banking Sector

Hong Kong is moving towards open banking and a new era of smart banking. With the recent launch of the Open API Framework for the banking industry in Hong Kong, there are many questions that financial services organisations need to ask:

How can banks adopt APIs effectively and strike a good balance between innovation and risks?
How can banks effectively demonstrate & execute an Open Banking program to meet the 4 Phases outlined by HKMA?
What are the implementation challenges & how can it be overcome specifically deploying the 4 Phases?
This new future will demand the industry to establish new rails of modern, open and truly digital platforms. This session is designed to explore the core ideas behind the Open API Framework, building digital banks and empowering the right partnerships needed to build an open ecosystem.

Get insights from a powerful panel of industry influencers, gurus and key technology players in the open banking & digital innovation space – including game-changing startups & regional business leaders across key financial services verticals.

Boosting Customer Value with Open Banking Panel

Distinguished Panel Speakers include:

Danielle Szetho, Ex-CEO FinTech Australia

Steve Monaghan, Chairman and CEO, GenLife

Kristi Swartz, Managing Partner, Bryan Cave

Liam Gilligan, Head of eXellerator Lab, Standard Chartered Bank

Grand Finale Oracle Financial Services Hackathon Demo Day on Aug 1, 2018 at 15.00 p.m.-18.30 p.m.Also, we will be showcasing the progress made by the 10 startups in the 2018 cohort who have built specific open banking use cases in line with the HK Open API Framework requirements.

Take advantage of the opportunity to network with the banking community present, FinTech cohort, alumni, mentors and a lot of FinTech enthusiasts over drinks and light refreshments!

Information on the Oracle Financial Services Hackathon Cohort:

FundPark is an online trade finance platform connecting SMEs and Funders. They provide invoice financing and purchase order financing solutions for underbanked and unbanked SMEs.

SmartSave.Life helps millennials save for their life goals, the smart way. Through the SmartSave.Life platform millennials can invest directly in investment funds to reach their personalised savings goals, missing out the middle man.

Chekk is an open platform enabling financial institutions to manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle digitally. Chekk helps banks in onboarding new customers and verifying their identity (eKYC), and in interacting (secure chat, statements) in a fully digital way.

Sapiens is an AI behavior analyst providing an all-rounded portfolio of clients and advises on various aspects based on its analysis on natural authentic structured and unstructured data. Sapiens comprehends and consolidates human behaviors in an unsupervised environment and generates a well-rounded portfolio of users, at the same time providing corresponding advice.

LedgerNow is accelerating the KYC Compliance Process with seamless integration between banks and non banks.

Belt Road EPC is a marketplace and SME financing solution platform focused on supporting SMEs engaged with Chinese contractors involved in various infrastructure development projects. The iLoan platform is a Sri Lanka based SME financing solution portal. They are also developing a blockchain (and DLT) based solution for trade finance with a focus on invoice verification

Liqease digitizes assets using modern blockchain technology with the goal to reduce payment terms for SMEs in B2B trade and provide investors with the opportunity to invest in a new asset class.

Perx provides the Perx Loyalty & Customer Engagement Platform(SaaS) for Banks and Insurers. This ensures a radical improvement of the customer onboarding and service experience.

Ftrina is a next generation retail marketplace, a decentralized market that provides listing, payment, shipping, insurance, financing and various integrated solutions. Ftrina uses open banking APIs to automate venders statement processes and provide order finance and installments for our consumers.

Crowd Realty is a P2P real estate equity crowdfunding marketplace. We are digitizing all components of securities issuing & global offering process, and providing small-to-medium sized issuers with an access to public capital markets and investors with small amount of investment opportunity in securitized real estate in Japan and other countries.

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