Mettā Masterclass: Sustainable Mobility, Key to a Sustainable Hong Kong
17 Oct 2017 08:30am - 10:00am
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Mettā Masterclass: Sustainable Mobility, Key to a Sustainable Hong Kong

17 Oct 2017 08:30am - 10:00am

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One of the toughest environmental and social challenges of our time is managing the increasing global demand for mobility of people and goods, while at the same time mitigating and eliminating the negative effects thereof.

As emissions of both air pollutants and CO2 is on the rise globally – and congestion runs rampant - how can Hong Kong contribute to both decarbonize the sector as a guiding example for others, and provide smart, convenient and clean mobility for its own inhabitants?

Join our Curator Alexander Mastrovito, Head of Sustainable Transport Solutions at Scania, for an actionable and energizing discussion as we address a few of the following questions:

Is Hong Kong able to make a timely change towards a sustainable transport system?
Does Hong Kong have what it takes to become the next global leader in sustainable mobility?
What are the opportunities and challenges in our way?
What is the role of Hong Kong's transport sector in the globacl decarbonization effort?
What creative solutions and collaborations would it take us to get there?
How can Hong Kong adapt to a landscape of new disruptive technologies in Mobility?
About Alexander:

Alexander Mastrovito is the project leader for Scania’s deployment of autonomous trucks in Singapore and the architect of Scania’s Hong Kong Fleet Management Centre. The Centre is dedicated to promoting efficient and sustainable heavy duty road transport of goods and people. Alexander is also responsible for promoting sustainable transport solutions including working on bio-fuel projects ranging from ethanol and bio-diesel to biogas produced from local waste. He is also heading up Scania’s regional work in Asia paving the way for electromobility, autonomous vehicles, ITS and mobility as a service. He is currently Head of Sustainable Transport Solutions with Scania in Asia & Oceania, based in Hong Kong. 

Prior to joining Scania he was based in Beijing and has now spent 11 years in the Greater China region working in the automotive industry. Alexander currently holds positions within several environmental policy making bodies in Hong Kong. He holds a Master’s Degree from Uppsala University, Sweden.

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