Javascript Meetup
06 Aug 2019 07:00pm - 09:00pm
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Javascript Meetup

06 Aug 2019 07:00pm - 09:00pm

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Javascript meet up is back with another evening.` JavaScript talk! This time we have Carlos Rufo delivering a talk.

Get introduced to the hottest APIs specification building a GraphQL Server in JavaScript. We will discover all the benefits for adding Type-Safety to our GraphQL App taking all the advantages of TypeScript working together with GraphQL.


Intro to GraphQL 🌏
Why, How & What's GraphQL as way to warm up the engines, whether you're starting or you're an expert around the GraphQL Universe, we will learn/master its main features & benefits!

Type-Safe GraphQL Servers 🚀
Time -0, it'll be time to liftoff creating (from scratch) a GraphQL Server. TypeDefs, resolvers & context will be the boosters of the GraphQL JS implementation. Then, we'll take all the advantages of having a strongly typed GraphQL Schema to auto-generate the TypeScript types based on our GraphQL type definitions!

Q&A 👨‍🚀
One small question for women/men, it could be a giant leap for mankind.
PLEASE, don't hesitate to ask any question!

Our Speaker
Carlos [] is a passionate developer and speaker aficionado. While he codes with different B/FE techs, his go-to for every project is his crush: GraphQL. He is very active in the GraphQL ecosystem where he has collaborated with across numerous internal & external projects, creating the SpaceX GraphQL API [] and recently, organizing GraphQL Hong Kong []

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