Intro to Risk Management for Entrepreneurs
24 Feb 2020 07:00pm - 08:00pm
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Intro to Risk Management for Entrepreneurs

24 Feb 2020 07:00pm - 08:00pm

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Want to change the odds of your startup's success? Learn about risk management. This webinar by VSii introduces the REAL meaning of risk.

About this Event


People hear "risk" and the first thing they think about is threats and hazards, which indicates that risk and risk management are not well understood.

Yet, entrepreneurs take on risks. It's just part of the territory. Some risks pay off and bring success, while others lead to misery and failure. However, the important question is: how can entrepreneurs change the odds of success vs. failure? The answer is not 'blowing in the wind'. It stems from risk management.

We have introduced this webinar to give entrepreneurs insight into how to look at risk. Risk management is not an activity. It's a business process that needs to be integrated into every aspect of any startup.


Is Risk Management necessary for entrepreneurs?

Do you think breathing is necessary? Yes? So is risk management.

Risk management is what changes the odds of success for startup companies. Entrepreneurs manage risks in ad-hoc approaches and the best entrepreneurs are great at dealing with risk. That said, they often may not even call their activities "risk management". Regardless, the difference between successful and unsuccessful startups is defined by how they apply risk management principles.

This webinar covers the basics of risk management and is a quick crash course on the overview of risk management.

These concepts will allow entrepreneurs to follow along when we start looking at the details and case studies on implementation and scalability, which we will cover in the next webinar on "Implementing Risk Management - for Entrepreneurs".



Our understanding of the word ‘Risk’ vs its real definition (which is different)
WHEN do you take or not take a risk?
How much risk should I take?
The Basic Framework - How Risk Management is Done



Entrepreneurs who have launched and are working on their startups, are new to risk management processes and methodology, and want to improve their odds of success.